Privacy Policy

Kyodo News Digital Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) has stipulated the following privacy policy (“the Policy”) in connection with services provided by the Company (“the Services”), recognizing the importance of the privacy of users of the Services (“Customers”).

  1. [1] Definition of Personal Information
    For the purposes of the Policy, “Personal Information” shall refer to information concerning living individuals, which contains a name, date of birth, or other description that enables identification of specific individuals (including information which can be easily referenced against other information, thereby enabling identification of specific individuals), and an individual identification code.
  2. [2] Acquisition of Personal Information
    The Company shall acquire properly any Customers name, email address, postal address, telephone number, etc., with the Customers consent, after clarifying the purposes of use of such information.
  3. [3] Use of Personal Information
    The Company shall use Personal Information for the following purposes, within the scope necessary for provision of the Services by the Company, or use of the Services by Customers.
    • To identify Customers during or after log in to use the Services
    • To contact Customers regarding the Services
    • To respond to Customers inquiries regarding the Services
    • To deliver e-mail newsletters deemed useful to Customers
    • To link or share information with other services of the Company
    • To investigate any Customers act that violates the Terms of Use set forth by the Company, and take measures against any violating Customers
    • For other purposes associated with the intended uses stated above
  4. [4] Management of Personal Information
    • The Company shall keep Personal Information accurate, and manage it in a secure manner
    • The Company shall take proper measures for information security, to prevent loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of Personal Information
    • The Company shall properly manage Personal Information through development of an operational system and education of employees, and take preventive measures against loss, destruction, alteration or leakage, etc., of Personal Information
  5. [5] Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    The Company may disclose Personal Information to a third party:
    • When the relevant Customer consents to such disclosure;
    • When such disclosure is required by laws and regulations, or by any legal judgment, determination or order by a court or administrative organization;
    • When such disclosure is deemed necessary or appropriate for the purpose of national security, law enforcement, or realization of other public benefits;
    • When such disclosure is reasonably necessary to take measures for protection or defense of any right or property of the Company, in case of any violation of laws and regulations by Customers;
    • When any demand falling under Article 4 of the Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders is made, and the Company deems such demand legitimate;
    • When handling of Personal Information is entrusted to a third party within the scope necessary for conducting business, within the scope of the “Purposes of Use of Personal Information” (provided, however, that only the minimal amount of information shall be disclosed, and the Company shall manage said third party as strictly as possible).
  6. [6] Demand for Notification of Purposes of Use, Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use, Etc., of Personal Information
    If Customers request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of provision to third parties, or notification of purposes of use of their Personal Information, the Company shall, after identifying the requesting Customers, promptly respond to such requests in a sincere manner, according to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act. Please contact the “Inquiries Desk” for information on how to make requests for disclosure or other actions.
    The Company may not accept said requests if such requests do not meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act, or if the Company is allowed to reject disclosure for any cause set forth in the Personal Information Protection Act, or other laws and regulations.
  7. [7] Cookies
    A cookie is a small text file stored in the browser of a computer when a Customer uses any service on the Internet by using a computer. When the Customer’s browser accesses the computer of the Company (“the Server”), the Server will issue a unique string for identifying the browser, and transmit a cookie which includes that string to the Customer’s computer. When the browser storing the received cookie accesses the same Server again, the Server will read the cookie and identify the specific browser of the Customer. The Server will thereafter simplify input of information by the Customer, or display information appropriate for the Customer, by recording the history of content delivery to the browser, or adding information configured by the Customer, to the cookie.
    The Customer may set the browser so as to reject receipt of the cookie (“Opt-out”), or to delete the stored cookie. It should be noted, however, that some online services may not function properly if the browser is configured to not store cookies.
  8. [8] Acquisition of Access Data
    The Company will use cookies and similar technologies by lawful and fair means to acquire access data of Customers who use the Services (including Customers who use the Services only to view content), such as the record of the Customers behavior in the Services (including the browsing history), and a source IP address for accessing the Services.
  9. [9] Use of Access Data
    The Company shall use Access Data for the following purposes.
    • To deliver information optimized for Customers
    • To improve the quality of the Services through statistical analysis
    • For other purposes associated with the purposes of use stated above
  10. [10] Privacy Policy of Third-Party Operators Linked with Services
    The Company may link the Services with services provided by third-party operators, and deliver content that matches Customers interest, etc., as well as advertisements that accompany such content. Such third-party operators may, in accordance with their privacy policy, acquire the Customers access data.
    Please refer to the information below for any third-party operator’s privacy policy and Opt-out. At present, there are no such third-party operators.
  11. [11] Revision of Privacy Policy
    The Company shall review the status of operations in connection with the handling of Personal Information as appropriate, and make constant efforts for improvement. The Company may revise the Policy if needed. The revised Privacy Policy shall be posted on this website as appropriate.
  12. [12] Contact Information for Inquiries
    For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, inquiries regarding procedures regarding the disclosure of personal data, complaints, etc., please contact the below.
    Personal Information Protection Manager, Kyodo News Digital Co., Ltd.
  13. [13] Business operator handling personal information
    To confirm our company name, address, and representative’s name, please refer to the following URL.

Established on May 25, 2017
         Revised on April 4, 2023

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